Top 10 Best Acoustic and Electric Guitar Brands in the World

Best Acoustic and Electric Guitar Brands

The guitar is a type of modern musical instrument that is played by plucking it directly using the fingers or a plectrum. The factors that influence the sound of a guitar are playing technique and the quality of each brand of guitar. Therefore, you must be careful when buying it. Some of the tips below will help you find the …

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Learn: How to Play the Violin for Beginners

How to Play the Violin for Beginners

In this article, we will discuss how to play the violin for beginners. Who does not know the violin instrument? This one musical instrument besides having a beautiful shape, also has a distinctive and melodious voice, making anyone murmur in awe when they see someone or several people can play it lively. Are you interested in learning this one musical …

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Types of vocal techniques to Improve Your Singing Voice

Types of vocal techniques

Vocal practice is indeed an important aspect if you want to learn to sing. Why is that? Because with a good vocal technique the sound produced will sound clear, melodious, and also loud. Well, in practicing vocals there are several factors that must be considered and trained regularly, such as: intonation, articulation, resonance, breathing, and disposition techniques. However, before going …

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Tips for Learning to Play the Piano for Beginners to Advanced

Learning to Play the Piano for Beginners

Seeing people can play the piano makes us want to play the piano as well as them. Very flexible finger movements make the piano sound beautiful melodic. It’s not only a matter of knowing the notes, you also have to learn to know how to adjust your body position and how to adjust the position of your hands. With the …

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10 Ways to play guitar for beginners, easy and fast

play guitar for beginners

The guitar is indeed very popular and liked by many people, both young and old. This musical instrument can produce a variety of popular music which of course is familiar to our ears. For music lovers, of course, they already understand that the guitar is capable of producing various genres of music, ranging from dangdut, pop, jazz, rock, indie, metal, …

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+16 The Revelation Song Chords For Refrence

+16 The Revelation Song Chords For Refrence. This song was arranged by daniel galbraith in the key of e, f#. Am worthy is the lamb who was slain c g holy holy is he d am sing a new song to him who sits on c g heaven's mercy seat chorus d holy, holy, holy am is the lord god. …

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