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10+ Easy-to-Use Song Download Applications (paid and Free)

Listening to music on Android while traveling long distances is fun and exciting. This is the main reason why many people are looking for song download applications rather than streaming online.

The reason is, downloading songs is considered more practical and does not require a lot of internet quota. Even users can listen to various favorite music repeatedly and anytime for free.

The Best Mp3 Song Download Application

There are lots of applications for downloading songs and videos, in which you have prepared a complete list of songs that you can choose as you wish. Each application certainly has its own differences, both from advantages and disadvantages.

Here we have summarized some of the applications that can be used to store favorite songs. For more details, see some interesting recommendations below.

1. 4Shared

4Shared has become one of the mainstay applications for downloading many more. Users can download various types of songs such as western, Indonesian, DJ and even folk songs. How to download songs in this application is very easy, because you only need to login via gmail or facebook.

In addition to mp3, 4Shared can also be used to share other files such as videos, photos, e-books in PDF format, and other types of files. In essence, the content and features provided are quite complete so that they can meet the user’s wishes to the maximum.


  • A fairly diverse list of songs with various genres
  • Users can share certain files with other 4Shared users
  • There are various kinds of media that are quite complete that can be downloaded for free


  • There are certain files that need attention for security issues
  • Ads that are so annoying that it’s uncomfortable

2. Spotify

Spotify was originally only available in the United States, but over time it can be downloaded for free through the Google Play Store. This application was present in Indonesia in 2016, and now it has become the most widely used best song download application.

Although it can be installed for free, but to enjoy the various premium features provided, you must subscribe first. The cost itself is not too expensive, which is approximately Rp. 50 thousand per month.

Various features are specifically present to make it easier for users to fulfill their tastes. Moreover, the list of songs in it is also always updated regularly so that you can find out the latest songs.


  • There is a database containing hundreds to millions of songs from various genres
  • Very capable audio quality


  • Required to use premium features if you want to download songs
  • Ads for Spotify users in free version


JOOX is also an application that is famous for its music streaming service. Even its popularity ranks second after Spotify. In addition to streaming, it also contains interesting features that are not necessarily found in other music applications.

Some of its superior features are New Releases and Top Charts which make users always up to date on music developments. In addition, there is also a Theme Gallery feature that provides a variety of interesting themes.

If the user has the ability to sing, then they can karaoke in this application. Some of the existing songs can indeed be played while karaoke, the results can later be saved or shared to several social media owned. Live setting itself to be private or public.


  • Provides many themes that can be chosen at will
  • Can karaoke
  • The features are quite complete
  • Has a database containing millions of songs from various genres


  • The songs provided are incomplete
  • Lots of annoying ads

4. Free Music Downloader

As the name implies, Free Music Downloader also allows users to download free songs as desired. Users can create a playlist that can later be played offline.

But the problem is, the songs provided are only non-copyrighted songs. Even so, you can still listen to music comfortably because it has good quality with a clear sound level.


  • This application has a fairly light size and is user friendly
  • Can play mp3 with various quality provided


  • Does not have a large selection of songs, only provides non-copyrighted songs

5. SONGily

SONGily may still sound very foreign, but for the services provided there is no doubt. There are also many songs with various genres and are always up to date so that users are guaranteed not to miss the latest songs.

The facilities offered by this song download application are a special folder, which can be used to store favorite songs. In addition, another excellent feature is an online converter which has a function to convert music files in other formats.


  • User friendly display so easy to use
  • Lightweight size that makes it easy to install on any device


  • The number of ads is very disturbing comfort

6. Resso Music

Resso Music is an application for downloading songs that have just officially entered Indonesia in 2020. This application provides many features that will provide a different experience for users.

In Resso Music, users can create a playlist of songs so they can listen to their favorite songs easily. This feature can only be used by premium members, so you must subscribe first.

To increase user comfort in enjoying music, the songs provided have very high audio quality. So it will definitely sound clearer when heard.

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  • An attractive interface that is suitable for young people
  • Feature to recommend songs according to mood


  • Must use the premium version if you want to unlock all the songs in it
  • Less number of songs than other apps

7. SpotyTube

From the name, it can be seen that SpotyTube is a combination application of Spotify and Youtube. This application is not actually the result of cooperation between the two platforms. It’s just that the songs or videos that are presented are taken from both.

Although it looks very simple, SpotyTube has mainstay functions. All songs and videos in it are equipped with a download button so that they can be used directly when you want to save.


  • Providing up-to-date and complete songs
  • Can download all existing content more easily


  • Not a collaboration between Spotify and Youtube

8. SoundCloud

This application for downloading songs and videos is very unique and different. This is because it not only provides a variety of the usual songs, but users can also download various cover recordings that have been uploaded by other people.

Users are even free to upload their personal recordings, such as song covers or podcasts. SoundCloud can expand the wide selection of songs that can be downloaded.

If, for example, you already have a track list, this re-downloading application will provide other song recommendations that match the user’s playlist. The goal is of course to provide more song choices for loyal users.

The quality of the songs presented is HQ so it is definitely highly recommended. After a successful subscription, you can immediately enjoy a variety of favorite music without any ads.


  • Can download mp3 and videos for free
  • No ads
  • All songs are in HD quality


  • Often very long loading times when downloading
  • The collection of songs owned is not so complete

9. Youtube Music

Youtube has been known as an application that provides a variety of interesting video content. But did you know that there is now Youtube Music which is a medium for downloading songs in MP3 format.

Youtube Music always learns the habits of users and provides some song recommendations according to user tastes. In addition to the usual songs, there are also other recordings such as cover songs and concert recordings.

If you have difficulty in knowing the title of the song, then there is no need to be confused. This is because there is still a lyric feature that can be used to find the desired song. That way, users can find songs more easily.


  • Have a unique and attractive appearance
  • The choice of songs provided is guaranteed to be very complete
  • There is a special feature for a variety of live content
  • Can be played when screen is locked


  • The download feature is only available for premium feature users
  • There are a lot of ads in the free version

10. Snaptube

Besides being used to download songs and videos from the Youtube application, Snaptube will also help users to download media from various other major sites. The platforms that are compatible with Snaptube are Facebook, Dailymotion, Instagram, Vine and others.

Users can take advantage of the existing search field to find the songs they want. There are also many latest and contemporary songs that can be downloaded via this Apk.

Snaptube is integrated directly with the Youtube application, so when you want to download a song, you just have to press the button.


Make it easy for users to download via other applications such as Youtube, FB and so on
Very minimal pop up ads


Downloads that often take a lot of time aka long

11. Audiomack

Another alternative music application that you can try is Audiomack. Audiomack allows users to stream as well as download songs for free. You can even listen to offline music if you want to save more on your quota.

Through Audiomack, users can find a variety of the latest popular songs from many genres such as Afrobeat, Hip-Hop, Electronic, Reggae & dancehall, and many others.

To make its use more convenient, you can use the premium features of the Audiomack song download application at a cost of around $4.99 or IDR72 thousand per month.


There are various playlists of the latest trending songs
Listen to various songs offline


Lots of annoying ads in the free version
Little or very limited playlist of Indonesian songs

12. Free Amazon Music Store

Known as one of the best online buying and selling sites, Amazon apparently released a site for streaming songs, the Free Amazon Music Store. In Indonesia itself, this application is not very popular and rarely uses it.

Even so, users will be spoiled for playing hundreds of songs and can be listened to for free. However, the audio quality is of course standard and you can’t choose HD quality audio.

Therefore, if you want to be more satisfied then you can try to subscribe. The cost reaches around $7.99 per month, this fee gives users access to enjoy 75 million song titles in a period of approximately 30 days.


All songs that can be downloaded easily offline
One account can be used for 10 devices


The subscription fee is relatively very expensive
Fewer options offered than other similar sites or apps

This collection of song download applications can be directly downloaded easily on Android. With this application, it will be easier to save your favorite songs which are then listened to offline.

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