How to Use Apple Music on Android Phones

How to Use Apple Music on Android Phones

Apple Music is a music streaming service on a monthly subscription basis. The music collection available is very large, reaching more than 30 million songs from various countries and languages.

You can set some songs to play offline or without an Internet connection. But you still don’t own the song and Apple also locks the song file with DRM. So if you unsubscribe from Apple Music, then the song will not be able to play.

The monthly cost of subscribing to the Apple Music service varies. For users in Indonesia, Apple Music subscription fee starts from 5 USD for individual accounts and 10 USD for Family accounts. Quite affordable, even cheaper than the average price of music CDs.

Best of all, with Apple Music, you can access a variety of songs, curated radio and playlists, video content, and music recommendations, all within the Apple Music app.

Use Apple Music on Android Phones

Now Apple Music can even access all content on any other device -including Android phones, as long as you’re signed in to Apple Music with the same Apple ID, and download content for offline listening. Want to know how? Here’s how to use Apple Music on an Android phone.

1. Things to note in the initial setup

Make sure your phone is running at least Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) or later. So, to check the Android version, go to Apps > Settings > About device.

Then to enjoy music on Apple Music on Android, download the Apple Music app from Google Play.

But you do need an Apple ID, which is the account you use with all Apple services like the iTunes Store or App Store. If you don’t have one, create an ID when you join. After that, follow these steps to join.

2. Open Apple Music

The first time you open the app, you’ll see a “Welcome to Apple Music” message. If the message doesn’t appear, tap the menu icon in the top-left corner, then tap For you.

Then, you can start a trial subscription, by tapping on the trial offer to get started. Note: One trial per person or family.

3. How to start your subscription service

Select the desired subscription type, then enter your Apple ID and password, then tap Use Existing Apple ID, then enter your Apple ID and password.

If you don’t have an Apple ID, tap Create New Apple ID, then follow the steps to create an ID, described above.

4. Confirm your details

Don’t forget, you may be asked to validate your billing information, so add a valid payment method and tap Join.

Interestingly, in Apple Music, you can follow artists or friends. The method? It’s in the explanation below.

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5. Follow artists and friends

Apple will use your choices to provide advice from experts who understand and love music. Learn more about choosing a genre and artist. You can also see what songs your friends are listening to and receive notifications when an artist releases new music.

Apart from that, Apple Music can also manage calls on Android -at the point below.

6. Manage calls on Android

If prompted, do access to allow Apple Music to manage calls on your Android phone. When you join Apple Music on Android through a wireless carrier, a system message on your Android device may appear asking you to verify your phone number.

When you tap Continue, a message will appear asking you to allow Apple Music to make and manage phone calls. When you tap Allow, you give Apple the ability to confirm your phone number and give you access to Apple Music on your Android device.

Apple Music advantages

1. Offers lyrics for hundreds of types of songs

Everyone seems to enjoy humming, singing the lyrics to their favorite song. But because most people have trouble remembering song lyrics, Apple has come up with a solution through their partnership with Genius, which started on October 11, 2018.

Now, Apple Music fans can listen to the lyrics of hundreds of songs stored in the Apple Music library.

2. Music videos

There are many people who want more than just a song. They also want to watch music videos. Well, Apple Music users now have the opportunity to watch their favorite music videos.

It’s easy. You can start searching for your favorite music video via the Browse tab at the bottom. Among the rows of Hot Tracks, New Releases, and Videos menus, you can search for what Apple Music has provided, then click the See All option to enjoy the most popular music videos the app has to offer.

3. Exclusive content

Apple Music offers exclusive content to its users, and it looks like Apple will continue to pamper users with other features that bring fans closer to the music they love.

Take a dashboard feature like Apple Music for Artists, for example, where Apple Music created it so musicians can instantly know how fans are interacting with the music they create.

Apple Music for Artists is a small help, especially for indie musicians who don’t have access to that kind of specific information. So, for example, you are an indie musician who wants to know the demographics of music listeners in a certain area, this feature becomes a tool that will provide all the information needed.

4. Sync with Apple Watch gadgets

Apple Music integrates with other Apple products, like the Apple Watch, for example. So, if you subscribe to Apple Music and create a playlist in it, you can enjoy that playlist on your Apple Watch.

That means you don’t even have to hold your iPhone close to your Apple Watch, for example, just so you can listen to your favorite songs while jogging.

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