Best Karaoke App Recommendations

10 Best Karaoke App Recommendations 2022

Karaoke is a fun activity. Even now, there are many of the best karaoke applications that provide a variety of favorite music from around the world. You can access all of these applications via your Android or iOS smartphone.

This karaoke application can certainly be a friend when relaxing or gathering moments with family. In each song, you will also get the right lyrics. So, no need to worry when singing later.

Best Karaoke App Recommendations

Many Android applications that provide karaoke and these applications can be used offline or online. Here are the recommendations for the best 2022 karaoke applications that you can use offline or online. You can also save the results later in your phone’s memory

1. StarMaker

StarMaker is one of the most popular karaoke apps on Android. More than 100 million people have downloaded this app on their Android devices.

StarMaker offers millions of song titles for you to choose from and sing along with background music and scrolling lyrics. You can also edit your recordings with a selection of sound effects and video filters, and share the results on social platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and others.

Some of the features this app offers apart from the ones mentioned above are that you can use Pitch correction to make you sound like a pro singer, Go Live to broadcast your singing, hold your own concert, or just enjoy something else, etc.

2. Karaoke One

Karaoke One is a karaoke application on Phone made by Lasari. You can download the application for free on Android.

At a glance Karaoke One offers features with specs similar to offline karaoke in entertainment centers. After each singing, you can find out the score from your performance.

Only, here you can interact with other users. You can chat and discuss in the Chat Room. Interestingly, the collection of songs in this offline Android karaoke application is quite complete and provides a list of the latest charts.

3. Smule

For those of you who like karaoke, you must have heard of this one application. The Smule karaoke application is an application that brings together users with karaoke duet partners from around the world on a smartphone screen.

With this application, you can record, share, and even use various sound filters to beautify your singing.

Uniquely, you can duet with friends in a group. In fact, there is also a feature to duet with the original singer.

Smule has also been equipped with more than 800,000 collections of songs that are added every day. In it there are various categories of music such as pop, metal, rock, classical and others or a choice of categories based on artist and country.

4. KaraFun

KaraFun is a karaoke app on Android offered by Recisio. This application provides more than 30,000 songs for users to sing. KaraFun users can also add these songs to their favorite list to make it easier to search.

In KaraFun, users can sing as background vocals or lead vocals during karaoke. In addition, the tone can also be adjusted according to the singing ability of each user.

What’s more, the KaraFun application can be used for karaoke without an internet connection, aka offline.

5. WeSing

Previously, one of the best karaoke applications had the name iSing. However, now it has changed its name to WeSing.

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The karaoke application is equipped with millions of songs that are certainly fun to sing alone or together with friends. You can also record karaoke, complete with effects

Interestingly, you can share your karaoke recordings on social media! WeSing itself is available on iOS and Android.


JOOX is not just an ordinary music streaming application, but it can also be used for karaoke, you know!

This application provides karaoke options, although not all songs support this interesting and quite entertaining feature.

To find it, look for the song with the Sing tag to the right of the title. You can also enjoy this feature for free without subscribing to a VIP account.

7. iSing

This karaoke application is also fairly popular among Android users. iSing – Sing & Record Songs! (Karaoke) has been downloaded more than a million times. No wonder, because this application makes it easy for users to karaoke using only their cellphones.

There are thousands of collections of songs for karaoke that come from a variety of different genres. Users can record their song covers and upload them in the app. Uniquely, you can choose the singing mode according to your own abilities.

One of the singing modes available is Pro Singer. This mode is specifically for those of you who are already proficient in singing.

What’s more, you can watch song covers or karaoke videos uploaded by other users. Don’t forget to make new friends with them, ok?

8. Musically

Slightly different from Smule, this application is used to record short videos in the form of lipsync, and you can share the results directly to your social media.

By using this Musically application, users can cut or join certain parts of the video, then add them with music or sound effects.

Through this application, users known as “Musers” can record and showcase 15-second music videos of their favorite songs.

Musically has a variety of features to make your lipsync video look even cooler. There is a Time Machine feature that plays videos in reverse. There is a Time Trap feature that can make videos such as playing repeatedly, slow motion, fast, and lapse. There’s also a Color Filter feature, which makes videos appear in a variety of colors and shades, including vintage and black and white.

Musically has also provided a large library of music from various genres so you don’t have to bother anymore to find your favorite music or songs. To select a song, simply press the Pick Music menu.

9. Karaoke by Yokee Music

Want to karaoke while recording your voice? You can use this Karaoke by Yokee Music application. Besides voice, you can also record videos while you sing!

The cool thing is, you can adjust the audio and video effects when you’re karaoke. You can even connect with friends for virtual karaoke together.

This Karaoke by Yokee Music app is available on iOS and Android.

10. The Voice

Appointed from one of the most popular talent search events in the world, The Voice: Sing Karaoke is one of the applications that ApkVenue recommends the most.

This app was developed by Yokee. You can feel the sensation of being on the majestic stage of The Voice by using this application.

You can sing hits from world famous musicians, such as Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Drake, and many more.

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