Now You Can Buy Concert Tickets On Spotify Directly

Spotify is known as a music streaming service. This means it plays songs from the Internet while loading through the Spotify app. You can also create playlists of songs you like, or create “radio stations” based on the music you already like to discover more music you might like.

The songs aren’t actually on your computer (with a few exceptions), which is both a blessing and a curse. This is a blessing because your songs can’t be deleted or lost, because Spotify is always in control of them. However, it’s also a curse because you can only play songs in the Spotify app; You can’t play it anywhere else, or transfer it to another device (unless that device also has Spotify).

Buy Concert Tickets On Spotify

The Spotify music service has finally launched a new feature, namely the sale of concert tickets. As is known, Spotify offers digitally copyrighted music and broadcasts, including more than 70 million songs from record labels and media companies. Users can search for music by artist, album, or genre, and can create, edit, and share playlists.

Spotify is also ready to provide listings from sellers such as Ticketmaster and Eventbrite in its app and leverages user listener data to inform its Fans First program.

As reported by the media, Spotify’s vice president and head of global music products, Charlie Hellman, Fans First is an initiative to bring fans closer to their idols. Spotify will send out emails that will allow artists to share their best deals with fans. It has earned 300 million US dollars since its launch in 2017.

At first glance, Spotify has subscriber data that could potentially rival ticketing services, and the company apparently put it to the test on August 10 by selling presale tickets directly to Spotify listeners in the US for a select group of seven artists: Annie DiRusso, Tokimonsta, Osees, Dirty Honey, Limbeck. , Crows, and Four Years Strong.

A Spotify representative declined to share details of its ticket revenue share for the trial launch. A spokesperson said that Spotify regularly tests new products and ideas to improve the user experience.

‚ÄúSome of these provide avenues for our users to get new experiences. is our latest test. We cannot provide further information about future plans at this time,” the spokesperson said.

Spotify is joining the ticketing game at just the right time, as live shows and tours are starting to take off. On August 4, Live Nation reported record quarterly revenue amid soaring fan enthusiasm.

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In August, Live Nation said it had sold 100 million tickets during 2022, more than it did in 2019. The top 10 artists sold more than $513 million in tickets (including service fees) during the second quarter, up nearly 56 percent from the second quarter of the year. 2019.

Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino expects ticket sales to be even stronger in the third quarter of this year, thanks to a global tour of famous musicians such as Bad Bunny, Harry Styles, Lil Nas X, Post Malone and Lizzo.

Spotify’s efforts to sell tickets are also expected to improve relations with musicians, who have been at odds over royalty payments.

Why is Spotify So Successful?

Spotify’s success as a music streaming service provider cannot be separated from the innovations it presents in the application. Spotify brings complete features to suit music lovers, including:

1. Create Playlists

When you use Spotify, you are free to create your own music lists. That way, you no longer have to struggle to find your favorite music. You can even share your created playlist via social media.

2. Market Leader

Spotify is not the first music provider platform, but it has managed to become a market leader thanks to its innovations. Spotify succeeded in recruiting well-known labels, so that more and more singers worked together and made the Spotify name complete with rich music.

3. Completely Started From Scratch

Spotify really started from scratch in everything from market research, to recruiting music labels, to customizing its user interface. This lengthy process lets Spotify really know what its users want.

4. Listen to Music from Artists Around the World

The playlists on Spotify are global. So, you can listen to songs from any country without the hassle. This service then makes Spotify hunted by music lovers across countries.

5. User Experience

Spotify will collect user data, such as what kind of music you like and what song you last listened to. Through this data, Spotify will make recommendations for music that fits your taste.

6. Ad-Supported Service

Ad distraction while listening to music is of course very annoying. Well, to provide more convenience for its users, Spotify provides a skip ad feature. No need to upgrade to premium account to enjoy the skip ads feature, free Spotify users can also enjoy it

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