Best Acoustic and Electric Guitar Brands

Top 10 Best Acoustic and Electric Guitar Brands in the World

The guitar is a type of modern musical instrument that is played by plucking it directly using the fingers or a plectrum. The factors that influence the sound of a guitar are playing technique and the quality of each brand of guitar.

Therefore, you must be careful when buying it. Some of the tips below will help you find the guitar of your dreams. Thus, you can be sure that the guitar you buy is really of good quality so that it produces a good sound.

Tips for Buying an Acoustic or Electric Guitar

1. Doing Research

You can find various information about guitars on the internet. Alternatively, you can ask someone who has experience playing and understands the parts of the guitar. The results of the research can be used as consideration in determining what kind of guitar to choose.

2. Determining the Price

After you have pocketed various guitar recommendations, you survey the price. This is not to be missed so you can get a guitar at an affordable price, but still quality.

3. Selecting Materials

It is recommended that you choose the same material between the body and neck. There are many types of wood that are commonly used, including rosewood, mahogany, spruce, and many others.

Each wood has advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you see in detail the color, fiber and type of material.

4. Picking the Strings

Choose strings with the appropriate size so that your fingers are comfortable when played. In addition, also pay attention to the material of the strings, preferably those that are coated or have layers.

5. Define the Shape

Guitar bodies vary, should be adjusted to the size of the body. If the body is small, the size of the guitar is also small to make it easier to find a comfortable position when playing.

6. Test Sound

How to test it by strumming all the strings, then you adjust the pitch using a turner. Another way is to use an application on a smartphone so it doesn’t require a turner.

7. Checking Physical Perfection

You check the physical condition carefully and make sure there are no scuffed, deformed, or damaged parts. The guitar neck must have a threshold where the iron bar inside is still straight so it doesn’t bend easily.

Recommendations Best Guitar Brand

1. Yamaha

Yamaha is one of the well-known guitar brands that has good performance. The reason is, the quality of the product is high with a luxurious design. Moreover, the resulting sound is loud and melodious.

The guitar is more resistant to various shocks and when accidentally dropped. This is because the guitar is made using a very hard case. The neck material is made of mahogany wood so it is stronger.

Yamaha’s electric and acoustic guitars are great as practice tools for beginners. This is because how to operate it is very easy and guaranteed comfort when used.

The strings on Yamaha acoustic guitars can be easily changed and adjusted by the user. Another plus is the price is friendly.

2. Fenders

For beginner guitarists are advised to start learning to use a Fender guitar. The reason is that there are many types, for example acoustic Fender, original, telecaster, and so on.

The technique to play is easy, suitable for learning various genres such as pop, rock, jazz, metal, country, and fingerstyle.

3. Cort

The standard shape of the body and neck with a comfortable size make this Cort branded guitar suitable for use in various types of concerts.

The appearance is very attractive, plus the hardware design uses standard rosewood. The guitar is more focused on function so that it doesn’t prioritize its aesthetic value. Evidenced by the selection of dark colors in the tunnel.

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All guitar parts are made of mahogany wood. For example, the Cort branded acoustic guitar in finishing work is given a touch of open pores. As a result, the guitar looks smooth and tidy which increases resonance and reduces weight.

4. Taylor

Taylor is a brand that is quite popular among guitarists. Moreover, the quality of the company that produces it has been recognized internationally and is famous for being adept at making various electric guitar products.

In addition, acoustic guitars are also produced which are of excellent quality. His guitar posture always emphasizes comfort. One of them looks at the original Taylor T5 series and MJ01. The color of the hardshell case is natural so it looks good.

Although the shape is simple, it still looks elegant. You can see this in both the electric and acoustic guitar types. Both bodies are composed of quality wood, namely mahogany. Products from Taylor are also suitable for use by female guitarists.

5. Gibson

This guitar brand pays more attention to its appearance so that it has a very high aesthetic value. Gibson produces a lot of very beautiful electric guitars. His legendary name is able to guarantee that every product is of high quality.

This is because this American brand has had nearly a century of experience in producing musical instruments, including guitars.

In addition, so far many acoustic guitar fans are hunting for it. This is certainly enough to prove that the product is indeed superior.

6. Allegro

Guitars have been widely distributed in Indonesia so it is easy to find them. In addition to quality, it is also able to compete with other products in its class. Not a few musicians who use it to display their bands or musical works. Moreover, the price is relatively cheap.

The manufacturing process uses modern techniques that have been designed to produce the best quality musical instruments. Types of Allegro include Allegro acoustic guitar, semi-electric, original, fcs type, and fm type.

7. Ibanez

There are many variations of Ibanez types, as well as the prices so you can choose based on your budget. The type that ranks first is the Ibanez LGB30.

This 58-inch long guitar on the fretboard is in the form of ebony 20 frets and there are 6 strings. This Japanese guitar has good notes, very distinctive, and loud.

All of this is realized because the guitar is made of the best materials and is done using typical Japanese technology. If you are a music lover who is quite loud, then buying an Ibanez guitar is the right choice.

8. Jackson

This guitar made by Jackson is loved by legendary musicians in the world such as John Mayer and Jeff Beck. The guitar has a unique characteristic that is not found in other brands, namely its elegant design with a slim body.

9. Cowboy

Cowboy is an American acoustic guitar brand that shows its ability to compete with other well-known brands. One of the features of this brand is that the guitar is equipped with anti-rust string technology. No wonder many guitarists in Indonesia are fond of him.

10. Schecter

There is another brand of a famous American guitar named Schecter. Professionals have trusted this brand for various needs. The reason is, Schecter guitars offer clear sound results, so it really helps musicians to show their best works.

Variations of the Schecter there are acoustic and electric guitars. This guitar has a guaranteed good quality, but it is less popular in the market because of its less attractive and monotonous design.

You can use these ten guitar brands as a reference when buying at a musical instrument store. Thus, you will not be confused to choose. You consider the advantages of each guitar and adjust it to your needs.

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